Railway Safety Permit Fees Adjusted

Department of Transport

Adjusted railway safety permit fees are in place.

The transport department published the revised fees in Government Gazette 41621.

Some of the fees payable to the Railway Safety Regulator include R53 650 for transportation of mining goods for group A operators, R17 580 for transportation of dangerous goods for group B operators and R3 176 for transportation of passengers or general freight for group C operators.

Group A operators will pay R121 929 for a temporary safety permit and group C R48 772 for a test and commissioning safety permit.

Permit fee rates for non-rail-related revenue generating train operators, network operators and station operators are also set down.

The annual fees came into force on 1 April 2018.

Meanwhile, in Notice 241, the department has invited maritime stakeholders to complete the Small Harbours Questionnaire.

The department is developing the small harbours regulatory framework for governance of safety of navigation, security, protection of marine environment and operations as instructed by the Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy.

Stakeholders have 30 days from the date of publication to submit their completed questionnaires.

Sabinet Cape Town Office