Government, parliamentary and legislative information on Transport.

Number Plate Embossers to be Registered

Department of Transport

The embossers of car number plates will have to be registered in future.

This is one of the proposals contained in the National Road Traffic Regulations published for comment in Government Gazette 37542.

Aircraft Weather Services Fees Updated

Department of Environmental Affairs

Regulations regarding updated fees for the provision of aviation meteorological services have been updated in terms of the South African Weather Service Act (2001).

These fees are charged to aircraft operators for services provided for flights undertaken within any established flight information region in terms of the Civil Aviation Regulations (1997).

Inland Fuel Levy Repealed

Department of Energy

A notice announcing the repeal of the inland fuel levy was published in Government Gazette 37507.

The inland transport cost recovery levy was revoked due to the commissioning of the multi-product pipeline last year.