Regulations on Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas in Place

Department of Science and Technology

Regulations on the Protection of the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas have been published in Government Gazette 41321.

The regulations were drawn up in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act.

They are divided into four schedules:

•    Schedule A – Regulations to prohibit and restrict the use of certain radio frequency spectrum and certain radio activities in the Karoo central astronomy advantage areas declared for radio astronomy purposes.
•    Schedule B – Regulations on administrative matters regarding schedule A.
•    Schedule C – Regulations on financial compensation procedures.
•    Schedule D – Regulations restricting interference due to electrical activities within the Karoo central astronomy advantage area 1.

The regulations will come into force on a date still to be determined by the science and technology minister within a year of the date of publication of the regulations.

Meanwhile, the science and technology department has drawn attention to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In a statement, the department indicated that the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research was actively involved in technological development in many key drivers such as Advanced Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Sabinet Cape Town Office