Mining RDI Science Council on the Cards

Department of Science and Technology

Plans are afoot to set up a dedicated mining research, development and innovation (RDI) science council.

The science and technology department announced this during a briefing on the mining RDI programme.

Some of the programme’s objectives include increasing investment in mining extraction R&D, increasing R&D in mining and mining equipment development and developing technological solutions to increase safety and productivity, reduce costs and extend the life of mines.

Detail was also provided on the Mandela Mining Precinct and Hub, a public-private partnership to foster collaboration and innovation.

The department declared that investment in mining RDI was essential to help restore industry competitiveness and strengthen the competitiveness of mining equipment manufacturers.

The South African Mining, Extraction, Research, Development and Innovation steering committee was now operational.

Next steps included managing RDI for maximal impact on mine survival and competitiveness and increasing collaboration and coordination with the Mine Health & Safety Council to ensure that investments were used optimally.

Meanwhile, the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions has published its adjusted fees for 2018/19.

Some of the fees include R292 per annum for pensioners, R495 for candidate natural scientists and R1 291 for professional natural scientists.

Sabinet Cape Town Office