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SabinetLaw’s eCommerce is the direct purchase and payment via the Internet for Government Gazette notices, published from 2007 onwards. This service is available 24 hours a day and will enable you to purchase only the notice(s) that you are interested in.

Purchasing options

Purchase options

After browsing Department groupings on the SabinetLaw web pages (see image above) you will find links at the bottom of the page to recent Government Gazette notices related to these groupings. You will get the option to purchase the notice via one of the following options:

  1. Individual Full text document purchase (if you are sure that you have correctly identified the document(s) you wish to purchase). Cost: R100 per selected document.
  2. 24 hours time-based access (if you need to browse through a few documents before making your choice). Cost: R300 for 24 hour period.


How to use SabinetLaw eCommerce

Step 1: Register

Once you have identified the document(s) you wish to purchase, you need to register:

Register as user

You only need to register once, as you will receive a login and password for future access. You can change your password at any time. Remember that the password is case sensitive.

Step 2: Choosing and purchasing your document

  • When browsing a document under a Departmental grouping, you will get a list of recent notices at the bottom of the page. SabinetLaw makes 1000 characters of each of these notices available free of charge. You can browse through the notices, which date back to 2007.
  • When you select a document, you will see the option to purchase the full text of the particular Government Gazette notice for download in text format. If you are sure it is the document you require, select the “purchase” button next to the trolley.
    Purchase documents
  • This is not a decision to purchase yet, but only a selection of items added to your shopping cart. A message will inform you that the document has been added to your shopping cart and you will be prompted to make a choice:
    Add to cart

Step 3: Shopping cart

  • To see what is currently in your shopping cart, you can at any time view your shopping cart by clicking on the button:
    View cart
  • A screen similar to the following will be displayed, indicating items in your shopping cart as well as information about your last 10 previously purchased items and card transactions.
    View
  • At this stage you can remove items from the shopping cart and repeat the process till you are sure that you have selected the documents that you want.

Step 4: Checkout point

When you are satisfied with your choice(s), click on the Checkout button.


  • You will enter a secure payment site where you can buy via credit card.
  • After payment, always remember to save documents on your hard drive or other storage device.



Please note the following:

  • A notice in terms of an Act does not include the Act. The Act should be purchased separately. Recently published Departmental Acts or Amendment Acts will however be carried under The Presidency: See the red banner under Step 3.
  • SabinetLaw does not give you access to other Sabinet products, e.g. NetLaw (offering updated Acts and more), SA Gazettes (dating back to 1994), etc. It also does not provide the enhanced searching features of other Sabinet products.

If you would like information about any of our other products, please contact

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Subject to availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed immediately.

If your computer memory does not allow download due to capacity constraints, equipment or software incompatibility or similar, please contact with a brief explanation of your problem, any screen messages that you receive as well as proof of payment.

Returns and refunds

No returns or refunds will be allowed after viewing the complete document.  In the event that your document is lost upon you receiving same, due to no fault of Sabinet, Sabinet will not be held responsible.

Credit Card Service Provider

Payment transactions will be done via the online credit card service provider VCS (Virtual Card Services).
For details on VCS’s policies and terms and conditions, please visit

Payment options

Payment will be made via Visa and MasterCard credit card info. Invoices will be emailed to the email address indicated in the VCS Payment page.

Country of domicile

The web site is governed by the laws of South Africa.

General terms and conditions

Sabinet’s general terms and conditions are also applicable to our eCommerce, and can be found at

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In case of non-agreement

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