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Municipal Electoral Amendment Bill Sent to NCOP

National Assembly

Proposed legislation designed to allow for the electronic submission of candidate nominations and party lists for local government elections has been passed by the national assembly.

The Local Government: Municipal Electoral Amendment Bill was tabled in September 2015.

Disaster Management Bill Sent Back to NA for Concurrence

National Council of Provinces

The national council of provinces has sent the Disaster Management Amendment Bill back to the national assembly (NA) for concurrence.

The section 76 bill was tabled in Parliament in March 2015. The NA passed the bill in June 2015.

Khoi-San Leadership Bill Tabled

Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

A bill designed to make provision for the recognition of the Khoi-San has been tabled in parliament.

Drawn up by the cooperative governance and traditional affairs department, the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill also seeks to repeal and replace the Framework Act and the National House Act.

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