Week of 24 - 28 November 2014

A final week of committee meetings lies ahead before parliament shuts down for 2014.

Starting next week, members of parliament will engage with their constituencies for two weeks before going on leave until January 2015.

On Tuesday, the national assembly’s labour committee will hold public hearings on the proposed national minimum wage at the platinum mines in Rustenburg. The select committee on land and mineral resources is scheduled to focus on coal mining in sensitive environmental areas such as wetlands, grasslands and watersheds. The mineral resources department will outline how many applications for permits have been received while the environmental affairs department will inform the committee of current and projected impacts on the habitats in question.

The national assembly’s water and sanitation committee plans to hold public hearings in parliament on proposed solutions to address vandalism and theft of water infrastructure in South Africa.

On Wednesday, the labour committee will continue with hearings on the national minimum wage in the platinum belt. The health department is scheduled to give further responses to the health committee on submissions made during hearings on the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill.

The water and sanitation committee will continue with hearings on water infrastructure.

On Thursday, the labour committee will be in Gauteng discussing the potential impact of the proposed national minimum wage on the steel and engineering industry.

On Friday, the labour committee roadshow will have moved down the N1 to Bloemfontein shining the spotlight on a national minimum wage in the farming industry.

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