Week of 1 - 5 September 2014

On Tuesday, the trade and industry department will continue with its colloquium on beneficiation. Both the communications department and the Independent Communications Authority will brief the communications committee on their respective expenditure reports for the third quarter of 2013/14.

The national assembly’s justice and constitutional development committee will commence with deliberations on the Legal Aid Bill. The energy department plans to hear from the energy department on the liquid fuels sector.

On Wednesday, the trade and industry committee is scheduled to hear from the South African Mining Association and the Competition Commission on the impact of transfer pricing on the economy. The labour committee will hold a workshop on the national minimum wage.

The science and technology department will update the national assembly’s science and technology committee on the Square Kilometre Array Telescope and the Meerkat Projects.

On Friday, the labour department will continue with its workshop on the minimum wage. The justice committee will start deliberations on the Attorneys Amendment Bill.

Parliamentary Programme