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President Motlanthe Affirms BEE as Vital to Achieve Economic Growth Potential
Department of Labour Grilled on Qualified 2007/8 Annual Report
Nedlac to Devise Appropriate Strategic Response to Global Economic Crisis
Productivity SA to Introduce Measures to Improve Its Cash Flow
Compensation Fund Has Major Loss and Gets Qualified AG Report
Unemployment Insurance Fund Declares Strong Cash Reserves to Parliament
Parliament 2009 Starts with Consideration of Outstanding Legislation
Parliament 2009 Opens to Consider Outstanding Legislation
Trade and Industry Details Milestones in Black Economic Empowerment Process
Interdepartmental task team established to trace ex-mineworkers and beneficiaries
President Motlanthe calls on trade unions to contribute to poverty alleviation
Printer’s correction does not delay final approval of skills bill
Statistics South Africa revamps labour force survey
Presidency announces key changes to priority skills acquisition mechanism
Skills development bill: BUSA withdraws its comments
Key stakeholders present positions on proposed amendments to skills development legislation
New skills bill updating SETA structures for comment
Government determined to increase numbers of artisans
New labour bill designed to sort out skills training in SA
Investigation into minimum wages for two sectors