Guidelines for Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations Drawn Up

Department of Labour

The Department of Labour has issued Guidelines for Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations.

The regulations form part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and were originally published on 17 September 2010 in Notice 828. The aim of the regulations is to protect employees and users against the dangers associated with lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors.

The guidelines do not substitute the regulations, but rather explain the provisions of the regulations in simple language and highlight the principle of self-regulation.

The guidelines focus on the following:

•    Regulation 1 – definitions;
•    Regulation 2 – scope of application;
•    Regulation 3 – permission to install and use;
•    Regulation 4 – design and construction;
•    Regulation 5 – particulars of lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors;
•    Regulation 6 – inspection and tests;
•    Regulation 7 – maintenance;
•    Regulation 8 – record keeping;
•    Regulation 9 – approved inspection authority;
•    Regulation 10 – offences and penalties; and
•    Regulation 11 – repeal of regulations and savings.

The guidelines document also contains two templates:

•    Template A – Report a defective lift, escalator, passenger conveyor; and
•    Template B – Appointment of competent lift service provider.

Meanwhile, in Notice 766 in Government Gazette 39142, the department has published an invitation to members of the public to submit comments on the Furniture Bargaining Council’s application for extension to non-parties regarding its Main Collective Agreement which was submitted to the Department on 28 July 2015.

Comments should reach the department not later than 21 days from the date of publication of the notice and should be submitted via post, fax, hand deliveries, or email.

Sabinet Cape Town Office