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Draft Major Hazard Installation Regulations in the Pipeline

Department of Labour

The labour department is to publish draft major hazard installation regulations.

The department has published a statement outlining its plans to publish a draft document on major hazard installation (MHI) regulations early next year.

Fishing Industry’s Main Collective Agreement Extended

Department of Labour

The Bargaining Council for the Fishing Industry’s Main Collective Amending Agreement has been extended to non-parties.

The labour department has announced that the Agreement, which is already binding on the parties which concluded the Agreement, shall now also be binding on other employers and employees in the industry.

Comment Called on Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council Application

Department of Labour

The public has been invited to comment on the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council’s application for an extension to non-parties regarding its Registration and Administration Expenses Collective Agreement.

The Bargaining Council’s application was submitted to the labour department on 30 August 2016.

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