Government, parliamentary and legislative information on Labour.

Gardening Sector Wages Under Scrutiny

Department of Labour

The department of labour extends its investigation into a minimum wage in the gardening and landscaping sector with hearings starting tomorrow, 3 September.

In April this year interested parties were invited to submit written submissions.

Basic Conditions of Employment Amendments in Effect

The Presidency

The president has determined 1 September 2014 the day on which the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act of 2013 comes into operation.

Proclamation notice 60 was published in Government Gazette 37955 of 29 August 2014.

Diversity Sought on Digital Television Platform

Independent Communications Authority

The Independent Communications Authority has published regulations to promote diversity and competition on the digital television platform.

According to a notice in the Government Gazette (37929 / 682 of 22 August 2014) they have been drawn up in terms of the Electronic Communications Act (36 of 2005) and their purpose is to: