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Government Seeks New Powers of Intervention in Municipalities
New Parliament to Convene on 6 and 7 May
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Warning on Public Mood Surrounding Crime and Justice Failures
Thirteen Bills Remain with Parliament, Most Expected to Lapse
President Motlanthe Advocates a Collective Response to Developmental Challenges
Public Education Now Needed on Preserving Crime Scene Evidence
Parliament 2009 Starts with Consideration of Outstanding Legislation
Parliament 2009 Opens to Consider Outstanding Legislation
Parliamentary Ad-Hoc Committee to Evaluate Decision to Remove NPA Director
Cabinet Acts on Fingerprint, DNA and Inter-Government IT Systems
Justice to introduce high-tech remands system into court proceedings
Scorpions bills: Conditions of transfer remain an unresolved issue
Justice cluster determined to improve access to criminal justice system
Interception of communications bill not to include roaming records
Child Justice Bill with NCOP changes gets NA committee approval
Submissions on Scorpions legislation highlight relationship between investigation and prosecution
Scorpions bills: SAPS refutes claims of insufficient resources to combat serious crime
Idasa calls for the retention of an elite and independent crime-fighting unit