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Justice and Constitution

Government, parliamentary and legislative information on Justice and Constitutional Development.

Personal Information Regulator to be Set Up

The Presidency

Certain sections of the Protection of Personal Information Act will come into effect on 11 April 2014.

The act was signed into law in November 2013.

Rescission of High Court Default Judgements on the Cards

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Amendments to the Superior Courts Act are in the pipeline to provide for the rescission of default judgements by consent in the High Court.

The justice and constitutional development department has published the Draft Superior Courts Amendment Bill for comment.

New Limits for Civil Actions in Magistrates' Courts

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

New monetary thresholds for civil actions in the regional divisions of the magistrates’ courts have been published in Government Gazette 37477.

The amounts are published in terms of the Magistrates’ Courts Act of 1944.