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Regulations on the Exhumation, Reburial or Symbolic Burial of Deceased Victims Amended

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Amended regulations on the exhumation, reburial or symbolic burial of deceased victims are in place.

The amendments were drawn up in terms of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act.

Judicial Matters Amendment Bill Tabled in Parliament

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

The Judicial Matters Amendment Bill has been tabled in parliament.

The justice and constitutional development department published the bill’s explanatory summary in Government Gazette 40274 in September 2016.

Draft International Arbitration Bill Heading Back to Cabinet

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

The Draft International Arbitration Bill is designed to not only assist South African businesses in resolving their international commercial disputes, but will also place South Africa as an attractive venue for parties around the world to resolve their commercial disputes.

The deputy minister of justice and constitutional development, John Jeffery, declared this while delivering the keynote address at the International Arbitration – the Dawn of a New Era in South Africa Seminar in Johannesburg.

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