New Fees for Home Affairs Documents on the Way

Department of Home Affairs

The home affairs department has published a raft of amendments to regulations for various pieces of legislation in the Government Gazette.

In terms of the Marriage Act, the regulations relating to the issuing of marriage certificates and confirmation of marital status have been amended.

Upon marriage, a couple may receive:

• An abridged marriage certificate
• An unabridged marriage certificate
• A letter of confirmation of an applicant’s marital status

The amendments lay down the new costs in terms of the above-mentioned documents.

A re-issue of an abridged marriage certificate will cost R20 while a letter of confirmation will cost R50. An unabridged certificate will cost R75.

Regulations to the Identification Act have also been amended.

It sets down new fees for the various related documents. A first identity document will be issued free of charge while a re-issue will cost R140.

Any information provided from the population register on a magnetic tape will cost R480.

Regulations pertaining to the South African Passports and Travel Documents Act have been amended.

They also contain new fees for the relevant documentation.

A 32 page South African passport will now cost R400 while a 48 page version will cost R600. People seeking a temporary passport will be charged R180.

Amendments to regulations for the South African Citizenship Act are also to be introduced.

A certificate of naturalisation as a South African citizen will cost R300 while a duplicate certificate is priced at R90.

All the amendments come into effect on 1 April 2011. They were made in consultation with the minister of finance.

Sabinet Cape Town Office