MCC Draws Up Conditions of Registration of a Medicine

Department of Health

The health department has issued the Medicines Control Council’s conditions of registration of a medicine in terms of the provisions of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

The list of medications that were registered between 18 February and 9 June 2016 is contained in notice 916 in Government Gazette 40208.

Section 15(7) of the act provides that registration is valid for five years and is subject to conditions determined by the Council.

The following information is supplied for each registration:

•    Registration number;
•    Name of medicine;
•    Dosage form;
•    Active ingredients;
•    Conditions of registration;
•    Applicant;
•    Manufacturer;
•    Packer;
•    Laboratory: FPRC;
•    Laboratory: FPRR;
•    Shelf-life; and
•    Date of registration.

Sabinet Cape Town Office