Guidelines for Pharmacoeconomic Submissions Under Review

Department of Health

The guidelines for pharmacoeconomic submissions are under review.

The health department published the intention to undertake a review in Government Gazette 41287.

The guidelines were first published in 2013.

The review will focus on the content and use of the guidelines.

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 41287, the department has called for comment on Draft General Regulations Relating to Bonusing.

The draft regulations are designed to “support the attainment of affordable medicines, medical devices and in vitro [diagnostic medical device] diagnostic (IVD)'s and to give effect to the prohibition of activities which have the effect of undermining the transparent pricing system of medicines, medical devices and IVDs and more specifically the activities as envisaged in regulation 18A(1), namely the supply of medicine, medical devices and IVDs according to a bonus system, rebate system or any other incentive scheme.”

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.

In a separate matter, the department has published Emergency Medical Services Regulations in Gazette 41287.

The regulations were drawn up in terms of the National Health Act.

They apply to public and private emergency medical services operating in South Africa.

The regulations focus on, inter alia, emergency medical services advisory committee, exclusion of members of committee, declaration by committee members, termination of membership, licensing, application for licence, processing of application, name of emergency medical service and offences and penalties.

Sabinet Cape Town Office