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CMS Draws Up Proposed Levies for 2018

Department of Health

The health department has published proposed levies for medical schemes in Government Gazette 41259 for comment.

The proposed levies were drawn up by the Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Council for Medical Schemes Levies Act.

MMC Makes Resolution on Bacterial Strains

Department of Health

The Medicines Control Council has resolved that oral preparations containing a listed bacterial strain shall be registered as medicines falling under category A as outlined in Medicines and Related Substances Act regulations.

The health department published the resolution in Government Gazette 41248.

Pharmacy Council Sets Down New Fees

Department of Health

The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) has issued its fees for 2018.

In terms of the Pharmacy Act, the new fees were published in Notice 841 in Government Gazette 41210 and have been categorized in the following order:

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