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Proposed Declarations of Hazardous Substances in the Pipeline

Department of Health

The health department has published proposed declarations of hazardous substances for comment.

The proposed declarations refer to Group I, Category A, Hazardous Substances as well as Group II, Hazardous Substances and are drawn up in terms of the Hazardous Substances Act.

Office of Health Standards Compliance Regulations in Place

Department of Health

Procedural Regulations Pertaining to the Functioning of the Office of Health Standards Compliance and Handling of Complaints by the Ombud are in place.

The department of health has published the regulations in Notice 1275 in Government Gazette 40350.

Amendments Proposed to Artificial Fertilisation of Persons Regulations

Department of Health

Regulations Relating to Artificial Fertilisation of Persons are to be amended.

The health department drew up the proposed amendments in terms of the National Health Act.

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