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Highlights from the Gazettes

Highlights from the Government Gazette for the week 12 September 2014

National Environmental Management Act (107/1998): Draft EIA Guideline for Renewable Energy Projects

Electronic Communications Act (36/2005) as amended: Draft Call Termination Regulations, 2014

Dental Technicians Act (19/1979) as amended: Regulation relating to the Supervision of Registered Dental Laboratories

Dental Technicians Act (19/1979):
Regulations relating to the scope of profession of Dental Technicians and Dental Technologists

Local Government: Municipal Structures Act (117/1998): Formulae for determination of the number of Councillors of Municipal Councils

Income Tax Act (58/1962) as amended: Section 12I Tax Allowance Programme

Banks Act (94/1990): Notice in terms of section 69A (15) of the Act

Invitation to comment on an Exposure Draft issued by the Accounting Standards Board

Natural Scientific Professions Act (27/2003): South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions: Recommended consultation fees

Mine Health and Safety Act (29/1996):
Regulations relating to forms

Mine Health and Safety Act (29/1996): Correction Notice: Regulations relating to Occupational Health

Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act (16/1963): Designation of Commissioners of Oaths under section 6

Labour Relations Act, 1995: National Textile Bargaining Council:
Extension to non-parties of the Main Collective Amending Agreement