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Highlights from the Gazettes

Highlights from the Government Gazette for the week 11 April 2014

Film and Publication Board:
Tariffs 2014 - 2015

Act No. 1 of 2014: Electronic Communications Act, 2014

Act No. 2 of 2014: Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Amendment Act, 2014    

Act No. 3 of 2014: Tourism Act, 2014

Act No. 4 of 2014: Employment Services Act, 2014

National Road Traffic Act (93/1996): Publication of the National Road Traffic Regulations for comments

National Qualifications Act (67/2008): Call for comments on the proposed occupational qualifications for registration on the Qualifications Sub Framework for Trades and Occupations

Labour Relations Act, 1995:
Notice of intention to cancel the registration of a trade union

Labour Relations Act, 1995: Registration of an employer’s organisation

Labour Relations Act, 1995:
Bargaining Council for the Contract Cleaning Services Industry (KwaZulu-Natal): Renewal of period of operation of the main and provident fund collective agreement

Protection of Personal Information Act (4/2013):
Commencement of section 1, Part A of Chapter 5 and sections 112 and 113 of the Act

National Environmental Management: Waste Act (59/2008): Determining the date on which Part 8 in Chapter 4 of the Act will come into operation

Liquor Act, 2003:
Suspension and amendment of Liquor Amendment Regulations, 2013