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Highlights from the Gazettes

Highlights from the Government Gazette for the week ending 10 April 2015

Agricultural Product Standards Act (119/1990): Regulations
relating to the grading, packing and marking of table olives intended
for sale in the Republic of South Africa: Proposed new regulations

Health Professions Act (56/1974): Health Professions Council of
South Africa: Rules relating to the registration by dental therapists
and oral hygienists of additional qualifications: Amendment

Debt Collectors Act (114/1998): Council for Debt Collectors: Notice in terms of section 12(5) of the Act

Banks Act (94/1990): Amendment of Regulations

National Environmental Management Act (107/1998): Regulations relating to the procedure to be followed when oral requests are made in terms of section 30A

Use of Official Languages Act (12/2012): Call for comments on the Language Policy of the Department of Basic Education