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South Africa Retail Banking Diagnostic Under the Spotlight

National Treasury

National treasury has published comments submitted on the South Africa Retail Banking Diagnostic.

Comment on the Diagnostic Study drafted by the World Bank was called for in September 2018.

Market Practitioners Group Gets Terms of Reference

South African Reserve Bank

The Terms of Reference of the Market Practitioners Group (MPG) have been released.

In a statement, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) announced that the MPG has been set up to manage the process of adoption of, and transition to, the proposed interest rate dispensation.

Proposed Adjustment to NCT Consent Order Fee

Department of Trade and Industry

An adjustment to the application fee for a consent order from the National Consumer Tribunal is in the pipeline.

The trade and industry department published the Draft Amendments of the Regulations for Matters Relating to the Functions of the Tribunal and Rules for the Conduct of Matters before the Tribunal in Government Gazette 42092 for comment.

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