National Water and Sanitation Master Plan on Track

Department of Water and Sanitation

A final Draft National Water and Sanitation Master Plan will be available at the end of March 2018.

The water and sanitation department announced this during a briefing on the plan in parliament.

The master plan is being developed concurrently with the proposed Water & Sanitation Bill still under construction within the department.

The department is moving towards one piece of legislation whereby the National Water Act and Water Services Act will be merged to form one Act. The department believes that having one piece of legislation will enable everyone within the water sector to have a clearer understanding of the legislative framework regarding water management across the entire water value chain.

The department also provided updates on progress in setting up an Independent Economic Regulator and the National Water Infrastructure Agency and Regional Water Utilities.

Meanwhile, the Water Infrastructure Investment Summit will now take place on 5 December 2017.

The summit will involve investors, funders, project developers, policymakers, regulators and local government partners and intends to come up with a programme of action that “aims to shift the water and sanitation sector investment landscape to a space that is open and enabling for investment and inclusive growth opportunities.”

Sabinet Cape Town Office