Draft National Water and Sanitation Master Plan on Track

Department of Water and Sanitation

Parliament was recently briefed on the Draft National Water and Sanitation Master Plan.

The draft plan was submitted to a cabinet committee in June 2018 for consideration and was approved.

According to the water and sanitation department briefing, the draft plan was described as a “call to action.”

“It seeks to rally all water sector stakeholders in South Africa to work together to address the challenges confronting the water and sanitation sector.”

The draft plan is based on five key objectives, namely, resilient and fit-for-use water supply, universal water and sanitation provision, equitable sharing and allocation of water resources, effective infrastructure management, operation and maintenance and reduction in future water demand.

The draft plan consists of twelve milestone elements falling under “water and sanitation management” and “enabling environment”.

Some of the proposed actions include setting up the National Water Resources and Services Authority and Regulator; establishing a specialised municipal intervention unit for water and sanitation to drive the national programme of interventions, which includes the reintroduction of a Sector-Wide Approach; the department to work with government departments and other sector partners to formalise funding arrangements for the sector, in order to close the funding gap and re-introduce the Blue, Green and No Drop programmes.

Cabinet has agreed that a Phakisa on Water and Sanitation take place by the end of the 2018/19 financial year.

“The Phakisa on Water and Sanitation will see sector partners agree to the concrete actions, budgets and timeframes necessary to implement the Master Plan and ensure a water-secure future for the country, while also addressing the triple challenge confronting the country, namely poverty, unemployment and inequality.”
Sabinet Cape Town Office