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National Pollution Prevention Plan Regulations Set Down

Department of Environmental Affairs

National Pollution Prevention Plan Regulations are in place.

The environmental affairs department published the regulations in Government Gazette 40996.

NEMA Regulations on Unlawful Commencement of Activities in Place

Department of Environmental Affairs

The environmental affairs department has published Regulations Relating to the Procedure to be Followed and Criteria to be Considered When Determining an Appropriate Fine in Terms of Section 24G.

The regulations were drawn up in terms of the National Environmental Management Act and published in Notice 698 in Government Gazette 40994.

DWS Draws Up PAIA Manual

Department of Water and Sanitation

The department of water and sanitation has published its Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) Manual.

The Act prescribes that all public bodies such as the department must provide details of all records held so that requests for information can be processed.

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