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DEA Publishes Environmental Management Plan

Department of Environmental Affairs

The environmental affairs department has published its environmental implementation and management plan (EIMP).

According to the National Environmental Management Act, the department along with other organs of state that exercise functions that may affect the environment and that perform functions involving the management of the environment, are required to prepare environmental implementation plans (EIPs) or EIMPs.

Long-Term Solution for Acid Mine Drainage Launched

Department of Water and Sanitation

Following the successful completion of the short-term solution to acid mine drainage (AMD), the long-term solution has now be launched.

In 2011 the Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA) was mandated by government to provide a short-term solution to the AMD challenge experienced by Gauteng.

NEMA Regulations to Recognise Mineral Resource Inspectors

Department of Environmental Affairs

The environmental affairs department wants reference to environmental mineral resource inspectors to be added to current environmental management inspectors regulations.

Proposed amendments to the regulations relating to qualification criteria, training and identification of, and forms to be used by, environmental management inspectors have been published in notice 520 in Government Gazette 39985.

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