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Regulations for Water Use Licence Applications in Place

Department of Water and Sanitation

Regulations regarding the procedural requirements for water use licence applications and appeals are in place.

The department of water and sanitation published, in Government Gazette 40713, the regulations in terms of the National Water Act.

Industry Waste Management Plans on Track

Department of Environmental Affairs

Industry Waste Management plans are in the pipeline.

The department of environmental affairs recently briefed parliament on its plans regarding waste management after comments from stakeholders on its proposed industry plans were received.

Draft Norms and Standards for Dealing with General Waste Drawn Up

Department of Environmental Affairs

Draft National Norms and Standards for dealing with general waste have been published for comment.

The department of environmental affairs published the draft National Norms and Standards for the Sorting, Shredding, Grinding, Crushing, Screening or Bailing of General Waste in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act.

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