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Amendments to Waste Tyre Regulations Drawn Up

Department of Environmental Affairs

Amendments to the Waste Tyre Regulations are in place.

The amendments were drawn up in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act of 2008.

Residue Stockpiles and Deposits Regulations to be Amended

Department of Environmental Affairs

Proposed amendments to the Planning and Management of Residue Stockpiles and Residue Deposits Regulations have been published for comment.

The aim of the proposed amendments is to allow for the pollution control barrier system, required for residue stockpiles and residue deposits, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on a risk analysis conducted by a competent person.

Norms and Standards for Damage-Causing Animals Republished

Department of Environmental Affairs

A Correction Notice on Norms and Standards for the Management of Damage-Causing Animals in South Africa has been published.

The environmental affairs department published Notice 749 in Government Gazette 40412 to correct the publication of the unsigned Notice 512 in Government Gazette 40236 dealing with the norms and standards for the management of damage-causing animals in South Africa.

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