Government, parliamentary and legislative information on Basic Education, and Higher Education and Training.

Education Outcomes Under the Microscope

Department of Basic Education

Basic education minister Angie Motshekga says a report on improving education outcomes will soon be made public.

In a speech in the debate on her budget in the national council of provinces, the minister said within the next three months a full report on how instruction could be improved and no child left behind, would be made public. 

Health SETA Seeks Accounting Chair

Department of Higher Education and Training

The department of higher education and training is calling for nominations for an appointment to the health and welfare sector education and training authority (HWSETA).

According to a notice in the Government Gazette (37861 / 581 of 22 July 2014), “interested and relevant parties in the health and social development sector” are invited to submit proposals for the appointment of the chairperson of the accounting authority for the HWSETA for the term ending 31 March 2016.

Technology Subjects for National Curriculum

Department of Basic Education

The department of basic education is amending the National Education Policy Act to add new technology subjects to the national curriculum statement (NCS).

According to a notice in the Government Gazette (37840 / 564 of 18 July 2014) basic education minister Angelina Motshekga, after consultation with the council of education ministers, has approved the addition of the following subjects to the NCS grades R-12: