SASA Seeks Increased Sugar Reference Price

Department of Trade and Industry

The South African Sugar Association has called for the dollar-based reference price for sugar to be increased.

The trade and industry department published the application in Government Gazette 41626.

The application, submitted to the International Trade Administration Commission, claims that a continuation of the current policy framework will result in a faster downward trend for the sugar industry.

The Sugar Association also claims that the current level of USD566 per ton is inadequate and below the cost of production.

A reference price of USD856.32 is sought.

Representations on the application are invited within three weeks of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, the department has launched the 10th iteration of the Industrial Policy Action Plan.

Some of the focus areas include automotives; clothing, textiles leather and footwear; agro-processing; minerals beneficiation; green industries and electro-technical industries.

Key constraints on industrial policy identified in the 10th iteration include lack of policy coherence and programme alignment, concentration of ownership and control, high private sector input costs, electricity, water supply and skills for the economy.

Sabinet Cape Town Office