Regulations on Tourism Complaints in Place

Department of Tourism

Regulations governing how tourism-related complaints are to be lodged are in place.

The tourism department published the regulations in Government Gazette 41811.

They were drawn up in terms of the Tourism Act.

The Regulations on the Manner and Procedure for Lodging and Dealing with Tourism Complaints also contain a tourism complaint form.

The lodging of a tourism complaint must include information concerning the alleged contravention to be submitted to the tourism complaints officer in writing.

The tourism complaints officer, upon receipt of the complaint, must record the complaint, give a reference number to the complainant and investigate the complaint as soon as possible.

In certain instances, a complainant may need to show that he or she attempted to resolve the dispute with the respondent and that the attempt was unsuccessful.

The regulations point out that, in cases where the complainant is unhappy with the response or proposed solution, the tourism complaints officer can refer the complaint to the institution empowered to deal with it.

Sabinet Cape Town Office