Parliament Briefed on IPAP Annual Report

Department of Trade and Industry

Parliament was recently briefed on the Industrial Policy Action Plan’s (IPAP) annual report for 2016/17.

According to the trade and industry department, the IPAP is designed to address the decline in our industrial and manufacturing capacity and contribute to job creation.

In terms of industrial financing and incentives, highlights include the Black Industrialists Development Programme, the Automotive Investment Scheme, Industrial Park Revitalization Programme and Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme.

Detail was also provided on, inter alia, special economic zones, technology and innovation, trade and export promotion, developmental trade policy, steel industry, clothing, textiles, leather and footwear, automotives and agro-processing.

The trade and industry minister, Rob Davies, also provided an update to the trade and industry committee on the World Trade Organization.

The 11th ministerial conference will take place in Argentina from 10 to 13 December 2017.

As regards e-commerce, South Africa holds the view that it is premature to consider negotiations of trade rules on e-commerce.

Government also wants to preserve the multi-lateral trading position but ensure that development is supported more decisively.

The committee was also briefed on the state of manufacturing in South Africa.

The department warned that the manufacturing sector was nearing a tipping-point.

“With business and consumer confidence so low, coupled with rising administered costs and imports there is a growing risk that our interventions will simply not be sufficient to protect our industries.”

A “much more tightly coordinated and supportive environment – premised on policy and programmatic certainty” would need to be developed.

The department also published a raft of notices in Government Gazette 41287 detailing co-operatives that have been, and will be, struck from the register.

Sabinet Cape Town Office