List of Counterfeit Goods Depots Drawn Up

Department of Trade and Industry

A list of warehouses serving as counterfeit goods depots has been published in Government Gazette 41823.

The trade and industry department published the list in terms of the Counterfeit Goods Act.

The notice contains detail on the name of the depot, its location and the person in charge; depots for which the designation has been amended and depots that have had designations withdrawn.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the trade and industry minister, Rob Davies, summarized the provisions of the draft regulations on the governance and composition of Special Economic Zones (SEZ), recently published for comment.

The draft regulations seek to, inter alia, provide for the management and operation of the Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) not be separated and the existing SEZ operator or entity to hold a license and permit to function both as a management entity and state-owned operator.

They are designed to remedy complexities in the administration and implementation of the SEZ Act.

The act provided for a transitional period in which IDZs were given three years to amend their governance and institutional structures in order to comply with the requirements of the act.

According to the minister, the “introduction of the SEZ entity in addition to the SEZ operator has in some instances resulted in more implementation complexities. Additionally, there is really not much value being added by the introduction of the SEZ entity particularly if the operator is an existing state owned company. In terms of the current arrangements, the licensee or the SEZ applicant must establish or appoint an existing state owned company as an SEZ entity with its own boards, to manage the SEZ, also appoint an operator to develop and manage the same zone”.

Sabinet Cape Town Office