ITAC Receives Application for Rebate on Aluminium Bars

Department of Trade and Industry

The International Trade Administration Commission has received an application to set up a rebate facility on customs duty pertaining to bars and rods of aluminium-copper-magnesium-zinc alloys.

The trade and industry department called for written representations on the application in Government Gazette 42100.

Lektratek (Pty) Ltd applied for the rebate declaring that there are no known manufacturers of the bars and rods in the Southern African Customs Union region therefore the duty unnecessarily raises costs on the production of stabilization fins and mortar bombs.

The applicant also declares that the creation of a rebate provision will help to reduce production costs and render the domestic industry manufacturing stabilisation fins and mortar bombs more globally competitive.

Written representation is invited within four weeks of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in Notice 803, the department published draft standards for comment.

Draft standards include the requirements for the marking and identification of degradable plastics, plastics piping systems and fibre optic communication subsystem basic test procedures part 1-3: test procedures for general communication subsystems - central wavelength and spectral width measurement.

Amendments to existing standards and new standards are also listed.

In a separate matter, the trade and industry minister, Rob Davies, launched the Global Business Process Services Incentive in London in December 2018.

According to a statement, the highlights of the revised incentive include a 3 tier incentive program and a reduction in the minimum criteria of jobs.

Sabinet Cape Town Office