Designation of Petroleum Industry Extended

Department of Economic Development

The economic development department has extended the designation of the petroleum industry in terms of section 10 (3)(b)(iv) of the Competition Act.

The section deals with exemptions from chapter 2 of the act on prohibited practices.

The designation, published in Government Gazette 41355, applies until 31 March 2018.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 41321, the department has announced the approval of a number of mergers by the Competition Tribunal.

Some of the approved mergers include the acquiring of Pacific Heights Investment 196 (Pty) Ltd by ABSA Bank Limited, Faircape Life Right Holdings (Pty) Ltd by Old Mutual Retirement Accommodation Fund (Pty) Ltd and New Africa Investments Ltd by Thebe Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd.

In Notice 951, the department announced the referral of a complaint to the Tribunal.

Protea Automation Solutions (Pty) Ltd laid a complaint against a number of companies including Ivensys PLC Ivensys Systems (UK) Ltd, EOH Holdings Ltd and EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd.

Sabinet Cape Town Office