Training Standards Proposed for Private Security Industry

State Security Agency

The State Security Agency has published draft regulations regarding the minimum training standards, instructions and qualifications for the different classes of security service providers in the private security industry for comment.

The proposed regulations, published in Government Gazette 39828, are drawn up in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act of 2001.

The draft regulations are designed to boost the competence and skills of current and prospective security service providers.

They outline the general functions of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) including determining the types of training for the various classes of security service providers, the contents of the security training, monitor and audit the quality of security training provided and compile a statutory security training standards manual; the accreditation of a skills development provider; change of accredited address; withdrawal of accreditation and registration as an assessor or moderator.

Detail is also provided on the training requirements for the different classes and the training standards manual.

Meanwhile, the PSIRA has published, in Gazette 39826, a consultation paper on the review of the annual fees for 2016 for the private security industry.

Proposed fees for 2016 include R35 000 for large businesses with over 5000 security officers employed, R12 000 for emerging small enterprises consisting of 101 to 500 employees and R8 500 for small businesses with less than 100 employees.

R84 must also be paid annually by each security officer employed.

Sabinet Cape Town Office