Defence Force Gets Revised Individual Grievances Regulations

Department of Defence

New Individual Grievances Regulations for the National Defence Force are in place.

The department of defence published the regulations in Government Gazette 40347.

The regulations were drawn up in terms of the Defence Act.

Grievances refer to a written expression of dissatisfaction by a member or employee regarding an official act or omission relating to his or her promotion, placement, course nomination, assessment or service benefits.

The regulations focus on, inter alia:

•    Chain of command;
•    Designation of formation officer commanding;
•    Timeframes;
•    Lodging of grievance;
•    Contents of grievance;
•    Rights of member or employee;
•    Consideration by unit officer commanding;
•    Referral to formation officer commanding;
•    Consideration by formation officer commanding;
•    Grievance committees;
•    Referral to grievance board; and
•    Grievance board.

In terms of timeframes, unit officer commanding must finalise a grievance and inform the aggrieved person of the decision and its reasons within 20 working days after it was received while formation officer commanding have 10 days to process the grievance.

Sabinet Cape Town Office