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Local Television Content Under the Spotlight

Department of Communications

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) is calling for comment on the latest review of local television and radio content.

According to a notice in the Government Gazette of 4 July 2014 (37803 / 529) interested parties are invited to submit written representations on the discussion document by 10 September 2014.

Languages Practitioners’ Act Signed

The Presidency

The South African Language Practitioners' Council Act (2014) which is aimed at meeting constitutional obligations concerning multilingualism was signed by President Jabob Zuma last Friday.

The act will also facilitate the effective implementation of the Use of Official Languages Act (2012) by providing for the establishment of the South African Language Practitioners’ Council.

New Tariffs for Film and Publications Board

Department of Home Affairs

Increased classification and registration tariffs for the Film and Publication Board have been published for the 2014-2015 period.

These fees which take effect from 7 April 2014 refer to the registration of internet service providers as well as distributors and exhibitors of films, computer games or internet and mobile phone content.