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About SabinetLaw

What is the aim of SabinetLaw?

SabinetLaw aims to consolidate government, parliamentary and legislative information in a way that will answer questions on the background as well as the legislative process that leads to the adoption of a specific piece of legislation. The website strives to place ministers, government departments, and parliamentary committees involved in the legislative process in context with legislation.  This site supports all the above with factual articles.

SabinetLaw is hosted by Sabinet. It is compiled from information in Sabinet's legal databases and from articles written by Sabinet's highly skilled parliamentary office writers.

What can you expect from SabinetLaw?

  • Home page highlighting the latest government and parliamentary happenings
  • Short minister profiles for every minister
  • Short government department profiles with basic information about the department
  • Parliamentary programme
  • Legislative profiles of all new bills and acts from 2008 onwards (as well as draft bills being considered), following each piece of legislation through the legislative process
  • Links to the full text of documents in Sabinet’s databases for existing subscribers, and facilities to buy these documents for non-subscribers
  • List of documents open for public comment
  • Articles written by Sabinet’s parliamentary office writers
  • Categorisation of all three types of profiles and articles into subject categories
  • Interlinking between information items
  • Daily updates 
  • Search function
  • RSS feeds for all categories (articles and legislative profiles)
  • Searchable Government Gazette notices from 2008 onwards, with limited access for non-subscribers and links to the full text for subscribers
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