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Performers’ Protection Bill Sent to Traditional Leaders for Comment

Department of Trade and Industry

The Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill has been sent to the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) for comment.

The bill was tabled in parliament in December 2016.

Parliament Seeks Comment on Fiscal Framework


Parliament has called for comment on the Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals outlined in Budget 2017.

Both houses’ finance committees seek input on the proposals.

Community Education and Training Colleges Seek Council Members

Department of Higher Education and Training

The higher education and training department has called for nominations for council members for Community Education and Training Colleges.

The call was made in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act.

Legislation on Wildlife Crimes Under the Spotlight

Department of Environmental Affairs

The environmental affairs committee has called for consolidation of all legislation on wildlife crimes involving rhinos.

The call was made following a briefing by the environmental affairs department on a legislative review of wildlife crimes involving rhinos.

Budget 2017 Shines Light on Transformation

National Treasury

In delivering Budget 2017 in parliament, the finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, emphasised that South Africa was at a conjuncture “which requires the wisdom of our elders to help us make the right choices and keep the trust of our citizens.”

He made reference to the Constitution and its requirement that all citizens should have access to housing, medical care, social security, water and education.

Regulations on Measuring of Water for Irrigation in Place

Department of Water and Sanitation

Regulations requiring that the taking of water for irrigation purposes be measured, recorded and reported are in place.

The department of water and sanitation has published the regulations relating to the use of water in Notice 131 in Government Gazette 40621.

Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill Tabled

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill has been tabled in parliament.

The draft bill was published for comment in September 2015.

In Parliament

Week of 20 - 24 February 2017

It’s Budget Week in parliament! The finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, will present Budget 2017 to parliament on Wednesday, 22 February.

Meanwhile, in other meetings during the week, on Tuesday, the national assembly’s environmental affairs committee will be briefed by the environmental affairs department on wildlife crimes legislative reviews. The trade and industry department is scheduled to brief the trade and industry committee on the Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill. The agriculture, forestry and fisheries committee will be briefed on the Liquor Products Amendment Bill, National Forests Amendment Bill and National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill.

On Wednesday, the mineral resources committee will hear from the mineral resources department on the adequacy of financial support for dealing with derelict and ownerless mines. The science and technology committee plans to deliberate on the Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill. Both houses’ appropriations and finance committees will be involved in a Budget lock-up session. The rural development and land reform committee will continue with deliberations on the Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill.

On Thursday, both houses’ appropriations and finance committees will be briefed by the finance minister on Budget 2017.

On Friday, the trade and industry committee will hold hearings on the Performers Protection Amendment Bill.

Parliamentary Programme

Minister in the Spotlight

Mr Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan

Mr Pravin Gordhan
Current Portfolio: 

Minister of Finance (2015-)

National Treasury

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