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Rules on Electrical Apparatuses for Mines Drawn Up

Department of Mineral Resources

Amended regulations relating to competencies for electricity in the mining sector have been published in Government Gazette 38708.

The amendments are published in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

IRBA Seeks to Clarify Public Interest Entity

Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors

Proposed amendments to the code of professional conduct for registered auditors relating to the definition of public interest entity have been published for comment.

The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) published board notice 88 in Government Gazette 38707.

Treasury Confirms Position on Clinical Trials

National Treasury

National treasury has confirmed, in Government Gazette 38729, that creating or developing a multisource pharmaceutical product or carrying out a clinical trial are regarded as research and development activities in terms of section 11D of the Income Tax Act.

The section deals with tax deductions in respect of scientific or technological research and development.

Railway Safety Regulator Fees Proposed for New Technology

Department of Transport

Proposed fees for new works and technology developments payable to the Railway Safety Regulator have been published in Government Gazette 38726 for comment.

The fees are determined in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act of 2002.

New Dispensing Fees for Doctors

Department of Health

New dispensing fees for medical practitioners have been laid down.

The revised fees were published in Government Gazette 38731 in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965.

Post Office Seeks Non-Executive Board Members

Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services

The South African Post Office has called for nominations of suitable candidates to serve as non-executive members on its board.

Notice 373 in Government Gazette 38725 outlined the requirements for nominees.

Parliament Calls for Comment on Expropriation Bill


The national assembly’s public works committee has called for comment on the Expropriation Bill.

The bill was tabled in parliament in February this year.

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Draft Bills

The following draft Bills have been published for comment recently:

Draft Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Bill

Draft Insurance Bill

Week of 27 April - 1 May 2015

On Tuesday, the national assembly’s home affairs committee will be briefed by the home affairs, small business and police ministers on the recent violence against foreign nationals and related small businesses. The agriculture, forestry and fisheries committee is scheduled to receive a response from the agriculture, forestry and fisheries department on issues raised by the South African Poultry Association and the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters on the challenges facing the industries.

The standing committee on finance will vote on the Banks Amendment Bill and the Financial and Fiscal Commission Amendment Bill. National treasury also plans to brief the committee on the New Development Bank.

On Wednesday, the police committee will be briefed by the Civilian Secretariat for Police on the White Paper on Police. The standing committee on finance is scheduled to be briefed by Statistics South Africa on its annual performance plan and strategic plan.

On Thursday, the trade and industry committee plans to continue with its engagement on transfer pricing.

Parliamentary Programme

Minister in the Spotlight

Mr Ebrahim Patel

Mr Ebrahim Patel
Current Portfolio: 

Minister of Economic Development (2009-)

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